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GO-JEK; Alternative but Helpful During Rush Hours of Jakarta

GO-JEK; Alternative but Helpful During Rush Hours of Jakarta
With GO-JEKER, Agus from East Nusat Tenggara

With GO-JEKER, Agus from East Nusa Tenggara

GO-JEK, have you ever heard it? It is alternative land transportation in Jakarta and some other cities in Indonesia which using ojek (motorbike service) as the tranportation mode. It firstly lunched in 2010 in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, and has expanded its wings in Bali, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar and other big cities in Indonesia. The successful of GO-JEK to expand the coverage areas probably influenced by massive growing of motorbike production in Indonesia since last ten years, in which almost every individual owned motorbike that enable them to be GO-JEK rider as well. Motorbike owners do not need bachelor degree to be GO-JEK rider,  as long as they have own motorbike, driving license, and smartphone, and aged unde 55 years old, you will have opportunity to become GO-JEK rider, and earn money with your motorbike by joining GO-JEK. GO-JEK is now become a popular transportation big cities, and every one can easily use the service.

Although,  it is unofficial mass transportation mode in city according to Indonesian transportation authority, in fact, people love to use the GO-JEK service, especially during rush hours. The fare offers is also cheaper compare to other mass transportation such as taxi or bajaj, which is sometime unfair. If you visit Jakarta or other cities where GO-JEK service is available, I think you should try it, feel it and compare it to other mass transportation modes. I here would like to share my story when first time I use GO-JEK service.

I’ m very often visiting Jakarta but never tried GO-JEK until today (Friday, March 4, 2016). I was at Kuningan City Mall Jakarta, and want to return to the hotel I stay in Cikini during rush hours of Friday afternoon, in which most city dwellers will go for weekend. If I use taxi then I probably will reach my destination in the next two or three hours due to long traffic jam. Thus, I decided to use GO-JEK. Unfortunately, GO-JEK cannot be used on the spot, or you can not left hand GO-JEK like taxi. It should be ordered online through GO-JEK application. Luckily, friend of my friend has the application and she orders it for me by giving my phone number. Just few second after ordering, the GOJEKER then calls me and asks my position to pick me up. The GO-JEK rider who will drive me home is obviously a women. She asks me mt position, the dress I wear, and possibly waiting at reachable spot that make her easily to reach me. About 15 minutes later, she comes and stops in front of me. She offers me a helmet and ash masker, I just take the helmet and return her the masker.

Before she pleases me to get on her motorbike, she says that normally we need about 15 minutes to reach the destination as shown in the GPS of GO-JEK application, unfortunately, it is rush hours, so that we would not follow the direction on GPS, but we will take alternative route to avoid road congestion, that means will take more than 15 minutes to reach the destination.

‘Shall we go?” Yes, lets go”. She is not only very skillful in riding motorbike in which the distance among vehicles is less then 100 centimeters, she is also mastering alternative routes in such a big city of Jakarta. We then reach the destination for about 30 minutes riding GO-JEK and it charge me IDR 17,000 ( US$ 12), It is probably the lowest cost and fair among many mass transportation in Jakarta during rush hours.

20160306013608Nevertheless, I’m still carious about how to use GO-JEK service and how they determine the cost of GO-JEK service. Thereof, I would like to order it by myself and feel how it works. Thus, in the next day, I order it. Firstly I should download and install the application from Google play store (it can also be downloaded from GO-JEK official website. After the installation success, I need to register and put my phone number and start order it. It is quite simple. I just need to click on the GO-Ride icon, set up the current position and the destination. The distance of destination will determine cost of the service, but minimum distance without rush hours must be IDR 15,000. It is cheaper compare to taxi or bajaj during rush hours. I then order it for the second time, and try to enjoy it for the third time. I would say that during rush hours GO-JEK is great solution that can bring you to your destination faster and cheaper than other. However, I personally fell a bit unsafe in the road which full of vehicles because the GO-JEK riders always riding the bike zigzag and zipping in between thousands of vehicles in main road.

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