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Seven Eleven and Nongkrong Tradition in Indonesia

For the first time I knew Seven-Eleven when I was in Chiangmai- Thailand Last four years, It was a minimarket which sold some fast food and coffee but it seems like unpopular mini market over Thailand. However, in Indonesia, it seems different. Unlike other mini markets, Seven Eleven become popular and the phenomenal Mini market even though it was firstly introduced In Indonesia on September 2009. It is stills the newer mini market in Indonesia but the most popular one. One of the keys of successful and get great appreciation among people in Indonesia is under communal tradition of “nongkrong” in Indonesia.

Nongkrong, a local tradition for spending few hours to sit and having a small talk with friend or colleagues while having some coffee at cafeteria or any other traditional coffee shop. Probably nongkrong tradition was inspired by tradition of night patrol (Ronda Malam) or neighborhood security system (Siskamling) in which some people are joined together to watch and secure their area all night. This tradition has been spreading and obsessed many people not only for adults abut also the younger people including high school student. Every day you can find many high school students spending their free times sit with friend in many public places like bus shelters, train stations, super markets and in the gardens. Now they are found the most suitable place to spending their rest time and mostly they do it only for having fun.


The owner of Seven- Eleven was able to understand the nongkrong tradition in Indonesia and designed Seven-Eleven as a place which suitable and match society needs by providing more lot, seats and table and this mini market has attracted many citizens to visit.  The visitors are also varied from their background; from lower class to upper class and from younger people to adult one. However, most of the visitors are younger people. They are willing to sit and spend their rest times together, to talk and chat with friends while having some cups of coffee, soft drink and fast food which served in affordable prices. Every day, Seven-Eleven are fully crowded since 7 o` clock to 11 o`clock. In addition, some time there is no more space available because all seats are fully loaded, people can take some pieces of news paper and spread in the floor to sit and having some coffee and talk with friends.

Even though, Seven Eleven is a new mini market in Indonesia, particularly In Jakarat, it has yield a great successful and become the phenomenal mini market in Indonesia under the Nongkrong tradition in Indonesia. Only in three years it has spread in all over Jakarta and has more than 80 branches which always crowded with the visitors. Can you imagine, what would happen with Seven- Eleven for ten years later?