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The Man with the Golden Gun

Book Title                                 : The Man with the Golden Gun

Author                                       : Ian Fleming

The Story Retold by               : Helen Holwill

The number of page               : 103 Pages

Number of Chapter                : 12 Chapters

Publisher                                 : Macmillan Reader

People in the Story                : James Bond, M, Scaramanga, Hendriks, Mary Goodnight, Tiffy, Felix    Leiter, Nick Nichlson


The Man with the Golden Gun  is a secret intelligent story written by Ian Fleming. With his background of spying agent, he created a famous smart agent of 007 James Bond in the England Secret Service Agency.

The man with the golden gun, James Bond is one of the best agent in British Secret Intelligent Service. Bond was chosen by the man with Initial M to go to Japan for a highly important secret mission. He was ordered to obtain secret information from Japanese about the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, his mission gone badly wrong, since he had become involved in a dangerous battle of a criminal known as Blofeld. In the battle, people knew that Bond had killed Blofeld, but no one knew what had happened to Bond after the fight. Bond disappeared.

At the Secret Service Agency, people has given up to find Bond. No hope  and no one believe that 007 is still alive. However, a year later Bond was captured by the Russian.  They had taken him into a secret medical institute in Leningrad, and KGB, the Russian spy agency try to brainwash him. After several months being tortured, The KGB finally controlled the 007 mind.

Knowing that Bond still alive in Soviet Union, Colonel Boris, then spent several months in preparing Bond returning to England. Boris told James Bond  how to behave, what to do, what to wear and where to live. Bond also ordered to contact the Secret Service Headquarter and answer their questions precisely. Unfortunately, no one in the Headquarter believe that he is James Bond,  only Walker, his boss that recognised his voice and believes that the voice is James Bond. Even after his returning they don’t think that he is truly agent 007 as he has been brainwashed by KGB, the Soviet Union Spy Agency.

To convince the Secret Service Agency that he still the best secret agent they have, he need to take a secret mission in Jamaica, his task is to kill Scaramanga, the man with the Golden Gun. Francisco Scaramanga is widely known know in Caribbean and feared by people there. He use a Colt 45 handgun made of gold, he uses gold and silver bullet to get maximum damage. He is an assassin who works mainly for Soviet spying agency (KGB) in Cuba and some other organisations in the Caribbean and Central America State. Scaramanga is also responsible for the death of five British secret agents. The police are know him but he never been arrested.  Bond should find Scaramanga and kills him otherwise he will be retired and  the secret agent 007 will end.  He went to Jamaica to find Scaramanga and he successfully accomplish his mission

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