go to schoolThe sun has just few inches left the top of mountain in the northwest, all grasses and leaves still in heavy dews. From the front lobby of my father small house I can see a group of school children with red-white uniform walk along the street, some of them are on bared feet, yet they look cheerful just like the shining of sun this morning. They are walking together to school. Ugh, they remain me about my childhood in this village. They have flashed me back to 20 years ago when I went to school, I often walked in the deep mud, and sometime I made zigzag jumps to avoid mud. But sometime I slipped and fallen into mud. It was hard time but we (the children at the village) never consider it as challenge for us to go to school. All we know during our childhood is happy and cheerful. We then called the village as the [p2p type=”slug” value=”warwasi-wenum-kosi-mengenang-masa-kanak-kanak” anchor=”warwasi” attributes=”warwasi”]‘muddy city[/p2p]’. Now, the village looks so different, no more mud in the street, and they would not be worried of being slipped and dirtied their uniforms. The main street has been paved till almost reach the school that makes the children can easily go to school on foot.

I then got up from my sitting, walked to the main street and approached the school children. They then saluted me ‘ good morning bro’! Good morning!, I replied them. Hmm, it’s really touched me because since 1998 I live in a big city and never found any school child salutes me like this when pass through in street. We probably can only find this aptitude in village and also did the same attitude during my childhood in the village. The teacher at school taught us to always respect old people and greet them when we passing by. For a while I fell like I want to return to my childhood with always full of happy with my close friends, schoolmates, brothers and sisters in the village.

However, a few moments later I saw the children return. Some of them are still on their red-white uniforms, but some of them have already taken off their uniform and put on their shoulders. I then walked over them and would like to ask them why they are returning. Nevertheless, before I greet and ask them, some children spontaneously said that ‘no teacher at school bro’ (tidak ada guru di sekolah Kak), as if they knew the question I would ask them. I was so shocked on such statement,

.’ “No more teacher at school?’ I then replied them. A child with no shoes then said ‘ there is Ms xxxx, but she did not go to school, even the school principle has gone. Really? I asked them again, and everybody confirm that it is true. However, because I not really sure, how could such a big school, even I could say that their school is the best elementary school in the [p2p type=”slug” value=”mainan-saat-lebaran-antara-keterbatasan-dan-kreatifitas”]Arguni bay[/p2p], the school that I ever studied there which is located in the capital of the district , and has no teacher?.

Later in the afternoon I went to my sister’s home, which is not really far from my father’s home, the home where I live. I thought she probably the teacher whom the school children meant. I actually want to confirm what the children said. My sister then confirms that what the children said is real. She added that she is the only teacher at the school, while she is only a temporal teacher. All teachers including the school principle are gone; they all were in the city (the capital city of Kaimana). I have to stop asking, as my sister seems angry, she looks upset as she is the only teacher at the school.

For me, it is not something funny, this is a serious alarm to the local government. How could such great school that has produced many people, even I could say the best school among all elementary schools ever exist the district has not teacher. It means that the school is relay not progress. While it is supposed to bee greater then before in accordance to the changing status of Kaimana from kecamatan (district) into kabupaten (regency), and such problem should not happen. In addition, teachers left school not only happen at elementary level but secondary school as well. Both schools for many years have no significant changing in supported facilities. The secondary school were studied about 25 years has only some computers and Internet facilities, but it was not supported by local government. Depkonminfo installed it under their projects of Indonesia free Internet hotspot. If course, person like me who use Internet daily will feel lose of access to information, friends and also I cannot check my email. I then decided to go to the school and find if I could get Internet access. Unfortunately, the machine is powered by several solar panels, which is ultimately could not be operated. The teacher there said that sometime if the weather is good then it could be operated, though it wont be running for longer time. It was really disappointed, how could the government provide such gears but could not be operated. The school building also seems unchanged, it still similar when I was studied there, so fragile. The only changing is the paint colours that makes it a bit fresh in the eye.

On my way of returning home, I passed by some young girls, they are teachers at the secondary school, but they seem not so friendly and sociable into local people.   I then joking with some of young kids near me about those new teachers, and they said that ‘indeed some of them have live their life within their own group, they are rare get in touch with local community, but some are good with people in this village, including the school principle.
It has been almost two weeks stay in the village, although there are still many things to be observed, I need to return back sooner. A small wooden ship scheduled to be arrived in the next two days. This wooden ship is scheduled every single week, by the local government to link the villagers and the capital of regency, Kaimana, provides the ship. So that villagers could bring their crops for sell in the city. The ship is not only anchored at the village where I stayed (Warwasi), but also several villages in [p2p type=”slug” value=”mainan-saat-lebaran-antara-keterbatasan-dan-kreatifitas” anchor=”Teluk Arguni” attributes=”teluk arguni”]Arguni Bay[/p2p]. Two days later the wooden ship arrived, my mother and I will be leaving for Kaimana. Since earlier morning we have packed all things that we will bring with us to Kaimana, and ready to take them into the ship. The problem is that the ship does not anchored at the village seaport, so the villager should rent a boat to bring them and their properties onto the ship. Some have boat so their family can escort them into the ship. Alternatively, for those people whom does not have a boat can rent one provided by local people. Local people have provided boats to rent, when they want to go to the ship. As I remember I should pay Rp. 200.000 or about US$20 to be delivered to the ship.

When board to the ship, many people have already in the ship. They bring their crops such as banana and durians. From the deck of the ship I found there are so many children on the ship who will go to the city of Kaimana. Of course they leave their school because today is not holiday. I approached them and asked some children on the ship, a little bit angry. ‘Why you are not going to school instead of going city? The children seemed silent immediately when they hear the tone of my voice is a bit high.

Then, one of them said ‘ no teacher at the school. So, you all want to go to the city and find your teacher? I challenge them with high vice tone. Tidak Kak ! (No Bro) one of them replied me. But one of them even said ‘find the teacher for what? Epen ka? (Local Papuan jargon means: is it important?). I then walked passed through them to the ship’s deck, taking some pictures of people’s activities on board, while occasionally snapped the beauty of scenery along the way. We then reach city [p2p type=”slug” value=”toleransi-dalam-seikat-ketupat” anchor=”kaimana” attributes=”kaimana”]seaport of Kaimana[/p2p] in the afternoon.

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