Today is the second time I try Jabodetabek commuter lines from Jayakarta train station to Bogor station. I firstly tried this train in 2007 when I visited Kebun Raya Bogor. I found significant changing today on the train services than ten years ago. The terminal building still the old one but some changing have been made such the manual entrance gate which is now replaced with automatic gates. The passenger can access into the platform using electronic card as a pass or ticket.

There are two types of pass/ticket that can be used depend on your needs. The daily pass which known as Tiket Harian Berjamin (THB) which can only be used for one way trip. The price of THB will be depending on the how for your trip will be. In experience when I took the commuter line from Jayakarta train Station to Bogor station which is the longest journey, it charge me only 16.000 or around $US1,2. Another type of pass is a multiple trip pass, which is known as Kartu Multi Trip (KTM). This kind of pass can be used for multiple trips and can be top up. The first time when you bay the pass, it will charge you 50.000 or around $US4 with contains 30.000 as the balance. If your pass balance is under the minimum of one trip, you would not be able to travel, and you need to top up your card.

Jakarta Commuter Lines- Daily Pass


The train also looks brand new and more spacious. No more street vendors on the train as it was, and the train look very clean. The only thing I found is (my personal view) that the seats not really spacious ( width) as all seats are placed paralleled. However, it is great transportation means that can move you around Jakarta- Bogor- Tanggerang and Bekasi (Jobedetabek) with low cost, and no traffic congestion.