Opera House Sydney

The sun almost sinks in the west, and colourful sky will be coming soon. During weekend at Museum station of Sydney looks so busy with the city dwellers who get in and out from this old station. Some will return home for weekend, some other will depart to find a place somewhere with their dearest love and friends.  I feel a bit tired of course, after long day trip from South to North and return when the sun almost departs. Ah, Sydney, how could I skip the rest of my day and let the sun goes down with noting to do in such lovely city? I’m twilight lover and twilight hunter, wherever I go, I should find the best place to see sun sinks below the horizon. Hey friends, the Darling Harbor and the grandeur art work of Opera house is there, waiting for us and all city dwellers to come and celebrate the evening while watching out boats and ships cross over the bridge, listen to seagulls singing their songs of sun goes down.

I walk down to the underground of the old Museum Station where I pass some people who are working there, renovate the dull wall of the old station. Five of my friends then follow me down to the station. So many people and I can feel the nuance of weekend where many people get in and out the station through a narrow passage due to building maintenance. So many people get on the train, some are heading home and some are taking the same route toward Circular Quay station or Harbor Station, a place where hundreds boats and ships cross the ocean and a place where sea birds always singing all day long.

The sun just few inches above the horizon, and will sink in just in few seconds. Lights along the coastline, boats, skyscrapers, towers beyond the strait start illuminate. Few steps from the station gate, everybody looks busy but enjoys seeking for nice spots to capture the moment with best poses they could be. In the left side of the port a giant cruiser with mast towering to sky anchored. From the cruiser deck people are weaving their hands to all people in the port.

Romantic nuance of Darling Harbor start bloom, and tired faces of my five friends seems disappear, sink along with the sun. Seeking for best positions and poses to capture the moment. They take turn to capture their best style and nuance of Harbor around them. Few steps from my sight, a floating café at the edge of see, I could see many people, young people with their dearest love. Some are standing some are sitting face to face, chatting while watching boats and ship far under Harbor Bridge within shrouded of purple sunset and the warmth of pure wine. They look dissolving in their long chatting; don’t know what they are talking about. But whisper of wind and natural panting of sunset signal them, where their chat should go.

Lights reflection from the decks of the giant cruiser and lines of lights along the front edge of the port then bring the evening so harmony. At the front edge of the see, tables for couples with dimed lights have been set up for those people who love to enjoy exoticism of night of front see. Those people who wants to spend rest of their weekend. Romantic mood of Darling Harbor getting stronger followed by glazed Jazz beats echoed from a café near ferry port.

Fells like I should stay more hours, unfortunately, we should go back to the hotel we stay, we still one more agenda tomorrow morning before depart to Jakarta in the afternoon. See you Darling Harbor! The story should be ended, but every moment and memory has been painted over our storybook, and will always be remember along life.


Hyde Park Inn Sydney 19 Maret 2016.